The minor is formally declared in your final semester. You may submit the minor declaration form no later than the 5th week of the Fall or Spring semester or June 1st of any Summer term.
You may declare the minor by taking the following documents, in person, to the Disability Studies Minor Coordinator (Patrick Civello, 263 Evans Hall), or delivering the forms to his mailbox in 258 Evans Hall.

Please include the following:

* Transcripts (Transcripts printed through the "Cal Central" system are acceptable. Please choose the printing option that includes your name). If you are taking courses for the minor in the semester you plan to graduate, print a copy of your current class schedule as well.

* A completed Petition for Confirmation of Minor Program form

* A list of 5 courses (2 core and 3 electives) you wish to use to satisfy the Disability Studies Minor, as well as the semester and year the courses were taken. You must identify any course that overlaps with any of your majors or other minors. Only one course can overlap. Please be sure to have your major advisor sign page 2 of the form acknowledging that you are sharing no more than one class between your major and the minor.

Please be sure that your name, local phone number, and e-mail address is up to date, as Patrick may need to contact you if questions arise. The minor petition will then be reviewed for approval. Upon approval, the petition will be sent to the Registrar's office. The registrar will include the completion of the minor on your transcript. It will appear only in the "memorandum" section of your transcript, not on your diploma.


Contact  Patrick Civello, 263 Evans Hall