Disability Studies



NOTE: Due to COVID-19, students may email Disability Studies minor declaration and minor completion forms to Laura Spautz at lspautz@berkeley.edu. Be sure to have your major advisor verify that you are sharing no more than one class between your major and the minor. This may be done by having your advisor provide an electronic signature, by having the advisor print, sign, scan, and email the form back to you, or the advisor may email me their verification.

Students may declare the minor no later than the term before their Expected Graduation Term (EGT) as posted in the “My Academics” tab in CalCentral, and after they have completed at least three approved disability studies courses including one core course. See approved course list here (http://disability-studies.ugis.berkeley.edu/requirements).

List the three courses you have completed or are enrolled in on the Disability Studies Minor Declaration form below.If your application to declare the minor is approved, you will need to submit a Completion of L&S Minor Form during the term in which you intend to graduate. The form is available below and on the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising website. You may declare the minor by emailing the following document to the Disability Studies Minor Coordinator (Laura Spautz, 265 Evans Hall) at lspautz@berkeley.edu, or delivering the forms to her mailbox in 258 Evans Hall.

In the semester before the semester in which you will graduate, please submit the following form:

 Disability Studies Minor Declaration Form

In your final semester, please submit the following documents: 

Completion of L&S Minor Form – Please be sure to have your major advisor sign page 2 of the Completion of L&S Minor form acknowledging that you are sharing no more than one class between your major and the minor.

* Transcripts (Transcripts printed through the “Cal Central” system are acceptable. Please choose the printing option that includes your name). If you are taking courses for the minor in the semester you plan to graduate, print a copy of your current class schedule as well.

* A list of 5 courses (2 core and 3 electives) you wish to use to satisfy the Disability Studies Minor, as well as the semester and year the courses were taken. You must identify any course that overlaps with any of your majors or other minors. Only one course may overlap.

Please be sure that your name, local phone number, and e-mail address is up to date, as I may need to contact you if questions arise.


Contact Laura Spautz: lspautz@berkeley.edu, 265 Evans Hall.