Disability Studies


Core (2 courses):

  • A. UGIS 110: Introduction to Disability Studies
  • B. English 175: Literature and Disability OR Anthropology 189: Special Topics/Cultural Anthropology: Disability, Ethnography and Design, OR English 180A: Disability Memoir OR City and Regional Planning 120: Community Planning and Public Policy for Disability OR ESPM 149: Bodies, Difference, and the Environment. Additional coursework from Part B may be used as electives.

Electives (3 courses):


Minor courses offered in Summer 2024: 

Session A: May 20-June 28

  • ART 118, #13680: Advanced Drawing: Remixing the Figure
  • PB HLTH 150D, #15379: Introduction to Health Policy and Management

Session C: June 17-August 9

  • ECON 157, #14291: Health Economics
  • GWS 130AC, #15676: Gender, Race, Nation, and Health
  • UGIS 110, #14325: Introduction to Disability Studies

Session D: July 1-August 9

  • EALANG 160, #14645: Neurodiversity in Literature
  • SOCIOL C113, #14623: Sociology of Education

Minor courses offered in Spring 2024:

  • ART 118: Advanced Drawing: Remixing the Figure
  • CHICANO 176: Chicanos and Health Care
  • CY PLAN 117AC: Urban and Community Health
  • ECON 157: Health Economics
  • EDUC 188F: Language, Race, and Power in Education
  • ESPM 254: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Health Status
  • GWS 100AC: Women in American Culture
  • LD ARCH 140: Social and Psychological Factors in Open Space Design
  • PB HLTH 116: Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine
  • PB HLTH 126: Health Economics and Public Policy
  • PB HLTH 130: Advanced Health Policy
  • PB HLTH 150E: Introduction to Community Health and Human Development
  • PB HLTH C160: Environmental Health and Development
  • PSYCH 131: Developmental Psychopathology
  • SOC WEL 210C: Aging Processes
  • SOCIOL 113: Sociology of Education
  • SOCIOL C115: Sociology of Health and Medicine
  • UGIS 112: Women and Disability