CORE COURSES (2 courses):

A. UGIS 110: Introduction to Disability Studies
B. English 175: Literature and Disability OR Near Eastern Studies 190H OR English 180A (when taught by Georgina Kleege) OR City and Regional Planning 120: Community Planning and Public Policy for Disability


Anthropology 115: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 119: Special Topics in Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 151: Disability and Culture
Architecture 129X: Special Topics in the Practice of Design
Architecture 169: Special Topics in Construction Materials: "Introd. to ADA and Universal Design"
Architecture 239: Design & Difference: Critical Non-Compliance  
Architecture 269: Introduction to ADA and Universal Design
Art 165: Art, Medicine and Disabilities
Chicano Studies 176: Chicanos and Health Care
Comparative Literature 170: "Medicine in Literature"
Computer Science 160: User Interface Design and Development
Economics 157: Health Economics
Education 107: Design & Difference: Critical Non-Compliance  
ESPM 162: Bioethics and Society
English 31AC: (when taught by Prof. Susan Schweik)
English N135: Race, Ethnicity, and Disability in Literature
English 180A (when taught by Prof. Georgina Kleege)
Gender and Women's Studies 111: Special Topic: "Women with Disability in Film and Literature" ONLY
Gender and Women's Studies 129 Bodies and Boundaries
Gender and Women's Studies 130AC: Gender, Race, Nation, and Health 
Gender and Women's Studies 133AC: Women, Men, and Other Animals: Human Animality in American Cultures
IAS 158AC - Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory
International and Area Studies 158AC / Peace and Conflict Studies 148AC: Social Movements, Urban Histories
Italian Studies 120: "Disability, Difference and Desire in Italian Fiction and Film" FALL 2014 ONLY
Urban History, and the Politics of Memory
Landscape Architecture 140: Social and Psychological Factors in Open Space Design
Linguistics 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
Near Eastern Studies 190H: The Un-Chosen Body: Disability in Israeli Literature, Film, and the Art (Spring 2017 only)
PACS 148AC- Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory
Psychology 131: Developmental Psychopathology
Public Health 116: Seminar on Social, Political and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine
Public Health 290: Health Issues Seminars
Public Health 130AC: Aging, Health and diversity
Public Health 150C: Introduction to Public Health Biology
Public Health 150D: Introduction to Health Policy and management
Public Health 150E: Introduction to Community Health and Human Development
Public Policy 172: Health Care Policy
Sociology C115: Sociology of Health and Medicine
Social Welfare 210C: Aging Processes
UGIS 112: Women and Disability
UGIS 113: Disability Studies in Practice
UGIS 116: Disability, Identity and Social Movements

All upper-division courses used in satisfaction of the Minor Program must be taken for a letter grade, with the exception of Public Health 116, which may be taken P/NP. The student must achieve at least a C average (2.0) in the upper-division courses offered in satisfaction of a Minor Program. Linguistics 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B are lower-division courses which may be used for the minor.